Nice to meet you

About Lisa

ELG Horses is owned by me, Lisa Guggenberger. For as long as I remember I’m attracted to horses. I discovered this true love already as a child and although I didn’t compete for the real deal with my ponies it was always my dream to work with horses.


When I got more serious and started to ride horses, the next common step was to learn Pferdewirt. 

To learn a bit more about the business side and because you never know what will happen if you work with horses, I decided to start an education for a business assistant.

Looking for a nice horse?

During and after my education I worked at several stables, but it was always my goal to build something by myself. From the start this worked out very well. I discovered my biggest strength is training horses for competitions and to be sold. 

A lot of people are looking for a nice horse for their own. Thanks to my network I get a lot of great horses in training to sell them. After a nice basic education, probably some competitions and especially when they are ready, I start looking for a new owner. It’s amazingly thankful to help riders find their dream horse and help them with everything around it. More than once I sold a horse from only a video and arranged everything for those clients. From the documents to the shipping. And believe it or not, but those clients keep coming back. I’m really proud of this skill to match horse and rider, not only in real life but also from a distance. So don’t hesitate to contact me if you are not able to come around.

However, my heart lays in showjumping where I compete successfully up to 1.40m at national and international levels, I also like to build up the young dressage horses. So, you can spot me on a young dressage horse competition too. I’m currently based in the south of the Netherlands.