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Noroibi (SOLD)

Divo x Houston

Fürst Friedrich

Fürst Nymphenburg x Del Piero

Super easy Horse for amateurs.


Johnson x Sandro Hit

This breathtaking, beautiful 5-year-old gelding with the finest pedigree (Johnson x Sandro Hit) makes the hearts of dressage riders beat faster.

He is gentle, trained according to his age and has a 100% loving character with a perfect work attitude. This makes him an absolute dream partner for further training.

Joyfull (SOLD)

Uphill x Darlington

Joyfull a KWPN gelding born in 2014 with a very interesting pedigree (Uphill x Darlington) is a great teacher for riders who want to get more security in the saddle.

He is trained up to class S (traversals, series changes, etc.) Also, he has a 100% lovable character. He will certainly bring a lot of joy to his new rider.

Kharisma (Sold)

Geniaal x Bordeaux

Super nice amateurhorse.


Ferdinand x Obelisk


Hermès x Dayano

Mermes is a 2017 highly talented horse with great movements by Hermès out of a dam by Dayano.

The very best gaits and top rideability leave nothing to be desired for his further training. Currently gently trained at dressage horse A/L level.

In addition, he has a 100% loving character and is equipped with the right go.

If desired, further training can be taken over.

Must Be a Dream

Expression x Painted Black

Nairone (showjumper)

Chapeau TN x Padinus

Never Ending Dream

Ferdinand x Painted Black


Ferdinand x Dreamcatcher


Impresario x Oscar

Novafee is a KWPN mare born in 2018 with the very best pedigree (Impresario x Oscar). She is a beautiful diva with 3 excellent gaits which offers the best starting point for the high classes of dressage.

She is now saddle broken for 3 months, is super willing to learn and well behaved in her daily work.

She also impresses with her lovable character into the stable. It will be worthwhile to go along with her further training and this will bring a lot of joy.

On request, we can also take on further training.


Just Wimphof x Olivi


Expression x Uphill

Orinia is a KWPN mare born in 2019 by Expression out of an Uphill dam.

Blessed with three great gaits and recently under the saddle. She is absolutely well-behaved and willing to learn in her daily work. She is also people-oriented and has a kind character. A horse that will be worth further training.

On request, we can also take on further training.

Casalina (Sold)

Calandro x Barinello


Harley VDL

Lovely mare with top character. Suitable for amateurs and juniors. Placed up 1.30/1.35 classes. Good X-rays.